Great news! We have been accepted by Google to participate in their RCS-programme, which is the first step towards being able to offer you this new exciting technology.

Don’t know what RCS is yet? RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is a technology that enables text messages to be included with rich media, such as logos and images as well as the possibility for the receiver to interact with the RCS messages. It will also enable companies to get more data, e.g. the number of users that have interacted with the messages.

If you want to read some more background information, we have previously written a RCS 101 blog post here

Create personalised experiences


The ability to create personalised experiences is highlighted as one of the major impacts RCS can have. Today consumers prefer to engage with brands on their own terms in a meaningful manner and it is estimated that over the next five years $800 billion is going to shift hands from the 85% of companies that can’t deliver personalised experiences to the 15% that can (Source: BCG, Profiting from Personalization, May 2017). If that turns out to be true, you definitely want to be on the winning team.

Some of the ways that brands can create personalised experiences through RCS is to:

  • Send messages that contains all relevant information in an easy-to-understand layout
  • Send messages that users are able to interact with, such as suggested actions, slides, multiple interaction points etc.
  • Send messages that contain photos, videos, GIFs and audio in high quality
  • Send messages where the sender is marked by a full brand name with logo as well as a “verified business checkmark”

Promising start

The technology is still in its tentative beginnings. Research shows great promises so far where nearly 80% of consumers find RCS appealing and 74% say that RCS would make them more likely to want to communicate with a brand (Sources: OpenMarket and GSMA, RCS business messaging research study). The fastfood-chain Subway e.g. managed to obtain an increase on 144% in conversion rate compared to the same promotion using a standard SMS message, which is not too shabby.

See some of the newest use cases

RCS is rapidly evolving worldwide, and along the way Google has gathered a lot of cool use cases and data on the new technology.

So how do personalised experiences look like exactly? Check out some of these amazing examples below taken directly from Google’s vault. The use cases really don’t need any presentation since the intuitiveness of the messages make them self-explanatory.


Global roll-out

Google is currently working hard on accelerating RCS by partnering with a number of carriers around the world. In Scandinavia and other parts of Europe the list of carriers so far include Telenor Group, Telia, Orange, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom as well as a number of other carriers. This development is very positive but there are still some complicated carrier and phone maker politics that slow down the roll-out.

Back in June, Google decided to make it possible for Android users in the UK and France to opt in to RCS chat services provided directly by Google which means that the technology no longer depend completely on the carriers. The solution is not perfect though since it only works on Android phones and currently lacks end-to-end encryption. Anyhow, it shows an interesting new approach for Google in their aim to roll-out RCS globally.

Give me!

We are eager to offer RCS to you and present different ways you can use RCS to create even more meaningful interactions with your customers. Before we can do that though, our team has to integrate Google’s RCS Product with GatewayAPI and make sure that everything is rock-solid and runs smoothly on all devices.

We will of course keep you posted on the development continuously.

Global SMS Gateway


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