HTTP Routing Table

GET /Gateway/Kunder/Opret/Gateway.aspxDeprecated: Obsolete. Use REST API or API instead.
GET /api/prices/list/sms/<type> Get current prices for all countries
GET /api/vas
POST /api/usage/labels Get usage for a date range
POST /api/vas
POST /api/vas/check
DELETE /api/vas/(int: shortcode)/(keyword)
POST /legacy/soapDeprecated: Use REST API instead
GET /rest/me Get credit balance of your account.
GET /rest/mosms Get incoming messages for a date range
GET /rest/mtsms Send a new SMS
GET /rest/mtsms/<message_id> Get SMS corresponding to id
POST /rest/email Add attachments.
POST /rest/hlr Lookup requested numbers.
POST /rest/mtsms
POST /rest/refund Refund a successfully charged sms.
DELETE /rest/mtsms/{id} Delete the message with id, from our queue.
POST /sendsmsDeprecated: Use REST API instead