We offer SMPP connection for select customers. Contact to get access. We use SMPP version 3.4, which should be backwards compatible with version 3.3.


Use the following to connect

Port 7777
Port TLS 7778
Bind type Transceiver or transmitter and receiver.
Maximum sessions 1 transceiver or 1 transmitter/receiver.

Supported SMPP commands

The following commands are supported

Command Hex
generic_nack 0x80000000
bind_receiver 0x00000001
bind_receiver_resp 0x80000001
bind_transmitter 0x00000002
bind_transmitter_resp 0x80000002
submit_sm 0x00000004
submit_sm_resp 0x80000004
deliver_sm 0x00000005
deliver_sm_resp 0x80000005
unbind 0x00000006
unbind_resp 0x80000006
bind_transceiver 0x00000009
bind_transceiver_resp 0x80000009
enquire_link 0x00000015
enquire_link_resp 0x80000015

bind_receiver, bind_transmitter, bind_transceiver

Multiple sessions are supported but must be enabled in SMPP server.

Note that only first active session binded as transceiver or receiver will receive delivery receipts.

Type Field Description
COctet system_id Account information
COctet password Account information
COctet system_type Empty or “EX”
Integer interface_version 0x33 or 0x34
Integer addr_ton Ignored
Integer addr_npi Ignored
COctet address_range Ignored