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Transparent pricing

SMS prices for more than 200 countries

We constantly work on improving both our product and service, including competitive pricing.

We provide fast and reliable SMS traffic and our support team is available to you 24/7. Our price model is simple and means you only pay for the traffic you send out. As a customer there is no monthly subscription fee and no hidden fees to pay.

We support message delivery for most countries in the world. To the right, you can easily select a country and inspect prices. We offer two service levels, "premium" for mission critical messaging and "standard" for A2P wholesale and bulk sms. For more on how we send the SMSes, read our in-depth blog post.

Have an existing setup that generates 50,000+ messages a month? Would you like lower prices plus improved terms and services? If so, write us an email at, and tell us a bit about your traffic volume and unit prices at your current provider. In return, we will send you a competitive offer within 24 hours.


SMS unit prices for outbound, i.e. mobile terminated (MT) traffic.



per SMS


per SMS


SMS unit prices for inbound, i.e. mobile originated (MO) traffic.

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Programmers ahoy!

We have code samples for the most popular languages, as well as examples that will work in any language. We even made official plugins/libraries, all available free of charge.


Free plugin for sending SMS'es, manage recipients with meta data, create sign up forms and more.
Visit plugin page.


Super charge your kannel setup with just a few lines in the configuration. Enjoy best in class delivery and pricing.
Read the blog post.


Do you want full control?

You got it!

We have made it straightforward for you to maintain an efficient overview. When you want it; where you want it.


Built on a rock solid API

Our APIs build on the experience accrued over many years by our proficient API team. We rely on modern as well as tried-and-true technologies. We hereby ensure the most optimal and stable traffic delivery for all supported countries. All APIs are well documented and are being optimized continuously. We do this to make sure we provide a solid foundation for your message based services. Now and in the future.

Reliable and accessible API

  • Fully redundant and load balanced

  • Placed in Tier 4 data center

  • Protected by tough SSL and leading-edge security measures

  • Supports multiple, easy to use protocols

Event based message queueing

  • All received messages are processed instantly and passed on immediately

  • Choice of four different delivery priorities

  • All message data is replicated to prevent data loss

Dynamic message routing

  • Messages are always routed through the best suited mobile network operator (MNO), based on message class, destination, traffic load etc.

  • Messages are by default monitored and our expert team incessantly strive to optimise delivery QoS, vendor accords, and ensure competitive pricing

Efficient message processing

  • All key events are based on binary protocols to attain maximum performance and avoid unnecessary delays or superfluous queuing

  • Based on C++ components and standout MNO connectors that ensure all deliveries occur in a clean and highly optimised flow. This is your guarantee for efficient processing of your SMS traffic

Standout MNO connectors

  • Very short processing time

  • High capacity

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Automated and stateful traffic monitoring

Our competent crew

Developed and supported by people just like you - and robots!

Thomas Duerlund


Thomas cooks up our APIs, and also hook up with our strong backend team to develop core service. Favourite food is a healthy helping of C++, spiced up with a bit of Python. Thomas is a die-hard omnivore, though, and will not refuse a bit of choice Java.

Hans Duedal


After several years of pizza and Red Bull induced self-employment, Hans started at OnlineCity in 2006. Hans is today the chief architect, and a gifted C++, database and python developer we all love and care for.

Jacob Møller


With his helpful attitude and flair for making the difficult "easy as pie” Jacob works dedicated with our primary customer support and our continuous API development. Jacob also enjoys helping our sales team with technical questions from customers. It's just the kind of guy he is.

Jonas Brunsgaard


Jonas is the lead snake charmer at OnlineCity. Through skilful application of his python competencies, Jonas is repeatedly capable of untying gordian knots. Jonas' work keeps everything connected and running under the hood of

Morten Skyt


Morten is a seasoned coder and old hand at front end development. Morten takes pride in creating great usability that upholds the most recent web development standards.

Jari Berg


Jari is a front runner that pulls in new technologies, and wrestles them until he masters their practical application. Jari takes pride in creating optimal user experiences for customers as well as administrators.

Morten Agerbæk Riber


With a sharp pen combined with an adequate amount of nerdiness, Morten makes sure that GatewayAPI is expanded to large parts of the world through both Online Marketing and PR.

Birol Altinok


Birol has been a co-owner of OnlineCity since 2001. The prior experience of Birol has provided a keen grasp of running a sound and healthy business. Birol makes sure strong customer relationships and good customer service never leave the agenda.

Thomas Richard Hofmann


Thomas established OnlineCity 1999 and is responsible for laying out the general direction for Thomas is driven by product vision and abundant energy! Thomas values delivered products of high quality, and is 100% the number 1 fan of our customers .

Travis CI


Travis CI is our cute robot that tests and builds the code we commit. Travis makes sure we maintain a high quality code standard. Travis is also responsible for automagically releasing builds when the code is ready and has passed tests.


Our numbers speak for themselves

Messages delivered to date



--- %

Avg. SMS delivery time

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Avg. API response time

-- ms

Messages processed per sec.

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