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GatewayAPI accelerates development by removing the learning curve and guesswork, so you can get down to building right away with our APIs.

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Strong enterprise partner for global messaging

Our high scalability and level of compliance ensures that we are with you all the way, no matter the amount of messages you send or countries you operate in.

What do you want to build?

Our global Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offers an extensive list of well-documented APIs that you can use to build, scale and refine your own services with.

Thousands of integration options

Integrate with your favorite tools. Our sophisticated integration options allow you to implement GatewayAPI’s services, including our powerful SMS gateway, in the tools you like to use, so you can have your first proof of concept up and running in no time.
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Break through the clutter

Getting the attention of your audience doesn’t have to be complicated. Find out how our services can help you break through the clutter and engage with your audience fast and efficiently. We are an award-winning platform with thousands of satisfied customers globally.

Understanding the Differences Between a CPaaS and a UCaaS

Understanding the Differences Between a CPaaS and a UCaaS

Learn about the key differences between a CPaaS and a UCaaS platform and dive deeper into the future of business communication technologies.

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View SMS prices for over 200 countries

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Rock-solid API

All the services and benefits you need


Set up your GatewayAPI account and start sending messages right away. Get access to intuitive and easy to use dashboards and services. In case you need help, our support team is only one click away.

Rock-solid uptime

Feel confident that you can always reach your recipients with our providers around the world. Get access to a distinct level of dependability and technical redundancy that guarantees rapid delivery of messages in real-time. Our historical uptime of over 99.99% speaks for itself.

Complete GDPR compliance

With GatewayAPI as your messaging partner, you’ll have a 100% GDPR-compliant service, including European data storage and ISAE 3000 certification (comparable to a SOC-2 report). Furthermore, we offer a unique .eu setup, trusted by reputable organizations such as the Danish Ministry of Justice.

We offer crystal-clear transparency

You can keep track of the uptime of our SMS gateway live and historically here. Our rates for 200+ countries as well as our ISAE 3000 GDPR report are freely accessible. Additionally, you can accurately follow up on the delivery to each recipient in the dashboard.

Pick freely from the toolbox

Reach new heights with our many add-on services. Supplement with our Email API or Number Lookup API or with virtual numbers and keywords. Setting up automation is a breeze with the many available integration options.

Unwavering service and commitment

Our Support Team is ready to help you. Our average response time is less than 20 seconds within working hours and our satisfaction rate is a solid 98%. Additionally, there are no minimum spending requirements for receiving support.

Parlez-vous C#?

Connect to GatewayAPI with your preferred coding language

WordPress WordPress

Free plugin for sending SMS messages and setting up 2-factor login.

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Zapier Zapier

Integrate with over 5,000 apps via Zapier and get started automating SMS workflows.

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Hook up to GatewayAPI with a direct SMPP-connection and send huge volumes of text messages seamlessly.

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Make Make

Setting up SMS automation is a breeze with Make.

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Integrate easily with GatewayAPI

Integrate with our APIs in your preferred programming language. Or use Zapier, Flowize or Make to connect with GatewayAPI: Just find the app, service or platform you want to integrate with and get started right away!

Whichever method you choose, it’s fast and easy to set up.

Loads of integration options