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Send SMS messages via Excel

Do you wish to send SMS messages to a small number of recipients easily?

Maybe you own a webshop, a physical store, a gym or manage a restaurant or association where you want to keep your customers and members up to date with news as well as updates on great deals and sales?

Then you can use our Excel SMS integration to easily access the enormous potential that SMS messages have, where 98% of the messages are read.

We offer the possibility to set up the integration either via Zapier or Make. The choice is entirely up to you.

Both platforms make it easy to set up the SMS integration with Excel and provide you with great flexibility to set up a wide range of additional SMS integrations, which can help strengthen your business.

How to get started

Guide to setting up the Excel SMS integration

If you have not already done so, first create a GatewayAPI account. Afterwards, create a Make account or a Zapier account.

Watch our complete video guide on how to set up the integration. The video guide is based on Make + Google Sheets, but the procedure is the same whether you choose to use:

  • Make + Google Sheets
  • Make + Excel
  • Zapier + Google Sheets
  • Zapier + Excel

All of the different combinations make it possible for you to easily send SMS messages via a spreadsheet, where you simply enter the phone numbers of the recipients and the message in the fields in the spreadsheet.

Note that Make previously went by the name Integromat, which is why we refer to the platform with this name in the video.

No subscriptions

Pay only for the SMS traffic you send

Our pricing model is simple. By default, you only pay for the SMS traffic you send. We therefore have no setup fees or subscriptions.

Go to our pricing section to see our SMS prices for over 200 countries, which are some of the most competitive you can find on the market. In addition, we offer an intuitive user interface, world-class support and a rock-solid uptime of over 99.99% on average.

When using Make, you can complete 1,000 actions/100 mb tasks per month for free. When using Zapier, the limit is five “Zaps” and 100 actions per month.