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Choose between two message classes. The Standard Class is suitable for most, whereas the Premium Class suits those who want additional functionalities, such as anonymization.

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What is the difference between Standard & Premium Class?

Choose either the Standard or Premium Class depending on your needs. Both classes offer SMS messages from top suppliers worldwide as well as minimal delivery times.

  • Recommended for marketing messages & non-critical information
  • High reliability
  • Lowest price possible from top-end providers
  • Minimal delivery times
  • Routes with a maximum of 2 hops, if possible
  • Recommended for one-time passwords, sensitive information & alerts
  • High reliability
  • Lowest price possible from top-end providers
  • Minimal delivery times
  • Routes with a maximum of 1 hop, if possible
  • Added in-transit encryption (DK & SE only)
  • Ability to anonymize data in GatewayAPI
  • Ability to have traffic prioritized
  • Optimal routing when interferences occur

SMS prices for more than 200 countries

Country Outbound Standard  Outbound Standard Outbound Premium  Outbound Standard
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Why choose GatewayAPI?

Never run out of breath

Reach your target groups quickly, efficiently and reliably. Our systems can handle huge amounts of pressure and are built to scale automatically. Sending to over 1M recipients? Not a problem! GatewayAPI has the capacity to send 3,000 SMS messages per second.

We got you covered

We offer the highest level of security. GatewayAPI is stored safely in Tier 4 Google data centres within Europe. All data are protected by tough SSL and leading security measures. Did we mention that GatewayAPI is also completely GDPR-compliant?

Steady as a rock

Feel confident that you can always reach your recipients with our top-end providers around the world. Our uptime of over 99.99 % speaks for itself. Check status and subscribe to status updates.

Prioritize traffic

When dealing with emergency broadcasts or other urgent messages, our platform gives you the ability to label traffic as “URGENT” or “VERY URGENT”, which ensures that the traffic is prioritized. This feature can be enabled when you use the Premium Message Class.

Top-notch technical support

Need help? Go to our support section or contact support. Our Danish supporters are ready to help you 24/7 with mission critical requests (requires an extended SLA) and between 09.00-16.00 UTC+1 on weekdays for regular requests. Average response time of less than 20 seconds.

Secret Class

You can send traffic using the Secret Class, which uses our Premium routes and anonymizes all data in your message once it has been sent. That means that neither we nor you can see the content afterwards. Contact support to get access to the Secret Class.

Parlez-vous C#?

Connect to GatewayAPI with your preferred coding language

Copy code sample 1

Take a sample code from the coding language you want to use. These examples are also available pre-configured with your own API keys on your dashboard.

Go to dashboard

Modify the code snippet 2

Adjust the code snippet to fit the desired function.

Read documentation

Send SMS messages 3

Pair the code snippet with the system from which you want to manage SMS broadcasts. You are now ready to send SMS messages.

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Our amazing customers

Learn how our customers use Standard & Premium

Quick and easy communication with customers

NEMADVOKAT (translates to: EASYLAWYER) labels itself as Denmark’s digital law firm. Their concept is to digitize as much of their legal counsel as possible, so everything from meetings, documents and signing of documents are handled digitally through their platform.

NEMADVOKAT has opted for the Standard Message Class to welcome new customers, send passwords and to notify customers when documents are ready to be signed.

Today NEMADVOKAT has communicated with several thousands customers as well as companies in relation to the purchase and sale of properties, start-up of companies, defence counsel, trademarks and so forth.

How the Danish Red Cross handles SMS donations

The Danish Red Cross uses GatewayAPI to broadcast SMS campaigns and handle SMS donations in Denmark.

For donations, the Danish Red Cross uses the Premium Message Class as well as their own short code (1290) with a variety of keywords related to different campaigns connected to it.

When a mobile user sends an SMS to the Danish Red Cross with a specific keyword, a fixed amount is automatically deducted from the user's mobile account.

Additionally, donations from mobile users are used for lead generation, which can later be turned into permanent supporters.

How Realkreditkonsulenterne uses Premium Message Class

Realkreditkonsulenterne is a Danish online-service that helps customers with their mortgage loans. After you have entered your address, Realkreditkonsulenterne will tell you whether you should restructure your loans, change bank, or negotiate a lower interest rate.

Martin Riedel, owner of Realkreditkonsulenterne, explains: "It was important for us that the SMS API we chose was secure since our messages contain sensitive information. The anonymized flows in Premium Message Class suited our needs perfectly on this part.

Additionally, we don’t need to spend resources on marketing an app to new and existing customers. Instead, when people have signed up to our service, they can opt-in to receiving SMS messages from us. There is something really powerful about SMS messages: Most people read SMS messages instantly and are more likely to act after reading an SMS than after reading an email."

Automation of end-users’ communication

Minuba is a platform company that focuses on optimising and streamlining operations for companies in the installation and construction sector.

Minuba has integrated with GatewayAPI, which enables Minuba’s users to communicate with their customers via Standard Message Class.

This is a great way to: Keep customers informed on service calls, enable customers to report back if the time of the service call is inconvenient and to send reminders a few days in advance.

The messages are automatically generated with all relevant information such as name, case number as well as date and time.

Built on a rock solid API

Take a look under the hood

We rely on state-of-the-art as well as tried-and-true technologies to ensure the most optimal and stable traffic delivery for all supported countries. Our APIs are well documented and are being optimized continuously. We do this to ensure that we provide a solid foundation for your SMS-based services. Now and in the future.

Reliable and accessible API

GatewayAPI is stored safely in Tier 4 Google data centres in Europe. All data are protected by tough SSL and leading security measures. With our uptime of nearly 100% on our SMS API you can feel confident that you can always reach your recipients

Event based message queueing

Choose between four different delivery priorities after which all received messages are processed instantly and passed on immediately. Backup of our servers are made daily and it is possible to restore any prior version of the system dating six months back.

Dynamic message routing

We use top-end MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) around the world and messages are always routed through the best suited MNO based on message class, destination and traffic load. Messages are, by default, monitored and our expert team constantly strive to optimize delivery QoS, vendor accords and ensure that prices are always competitive.


Built to automatically scale

What does GatewayAPI have in common with Google, Spotify and Slack? The answer is Kubernetes. By utilizing Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform, our systems have been built to handle huge amounts of pressure. When 30% of max capacity is reached, more server space is automatically allocated to GatewayAPI within minutes.


Our numbers speak for themselves. Since the beginning, GatewayAPI has delivered over 2.5bn SMS messages on behalf of 50,000+ customers worldwide with an average delivery time of under 3 seconds.

Alternative EU setup

GatewayAPI offers an EU setup for customers who have special requirements concerning their data and are subjected to EU data laws. With the EU setup, data is stored by a cloud provider which both operates physically in the EU and is owned by a company within the EU.

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