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Set Up SMS Integrations and Automations with IFTTT

Do you have one or more systems you would like to implement automatic SMS communication into? Or maybe some ideas for various automatic SMS flows, which are triggered depending on the actions the user has performed? Learn more about how you can easily set up SMS integrations via IFTTT.

The automation platform IFTTT is a low-code alternative to building your own integrations and allows you to connect a large number of apps, services and systems.

Over 700 apps and services

Connect (almost) anything with IFTTT

IFTTT is short for “If This Then That” and allows you to work with 700+ different apps and services. With IFTTT, you can set up endless integrations and automation flows to work with your GatewayAPI account. The platform works similarly to other popular integration platforms like Zapier and Make, but is especially useful for smaller companies.

IFTTT provides you with the ability to use the advantages of coding, without having to code. It works by bringing services together into applets which can have multiple actions and run exactly when you tell them to. So if you need to send an SMS reminder at an exact date or time, trigger an SMS message when a certain condition is met or integrate SMS messages into another app, IFTTT can make it happen.

View a brief presentation of IFTTT here.

How to get started

Set up SMS integrations with IFTTT

First create a GatewayAPI account and then an IFTTT account. 

Once this is in place, you can connect GatewayAPI and IFTTT by clicking on the “Connect” button at the top of the GatewayAPI IFTTT page. Afterwards you will be prompted to select whether you want to use the .com or .eu setup and which specific GatewayAPI account you want to connect. Read more about the .eu setup here

When the steps have been completed, your chosen GatewayAPI account is connected with IFTTT. You can now get started setting up exactly the automations you want.

Explore your possibilities

Available templates and features in the IFTTT GatewayAPI app

See selected templates and what features they can enable below. If you want to see an overview of all our templates you can view them in our app at IFTTT

The templates will allow you to quickly set up “Applets”. In addition, you can consider them as inspiration for what SMS integrations you can set up in the systems and services used in your organization.


Selected templates:

  • Integration with Google Sheets: easily manage audiences as well as sending SMS messages via Google Sheets.
  • Integration with Google Calendar: Receive an SMS when a new event has been added to your Google calendar.
  • Integration with Gmail: Receive an email when your GatewayAPI account is about to run out.
  • Integration with Google Drive: Send a notification when new files are added to a specific folder, which ensures that you never miss important new uploads.
No subscriptions or fees

Pay only for the SMS traffic you send

At GatewayAPI, we have a simple pricing model – you only pay for the SMS traffic you send. This means that by default, there are no fees or subscriptions.

You can find our SMS prices for more than 200 countries by visiting our pricing section. In addition, we offer an intuitive user interface, world-class support and a rock-solid uptime of over 99.99% on average.

IFTTT’s free plan offers up to five applets (functions) with an unlimited number of “runs”. In other words, using IFTTT to set up an integration will be free for most organizations. By comparison, Make offers an unlimited number of integrations, but a maximum of 1,000 “operations” on their free version. Zapier, like IFTTT, offers a max of five “zaps” (functions) on their free plan with a max of 100 tasks per month.