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Use SMS technology to offer customers, end users or citizens an even better service. Create an effective communication channel by setting up an SMS service from which you can send out reminders, notifications, alerts and useful information.

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Five good reasons to build an SMS service

Everyone can receive your message

With all the new technological options available, you might question whether the SMS technology is still a viable path for your organization. The answer is yes! First, recipients do not need to install an app to receive your message. In addition, studies show that 75% want to receive information via SMS. Finally, SMS is an owned channel, over which you have full control.

Capture the attention of the recipients here and now

The opening rate of SMS messages is over 98%, and the click-through rate on links is 35% on average. In addition, approx. 95% of SMS messages are read within 5 minutes. In fact, SMS has the highest engagement rate among all mediums! This makes SMS extremely effective in capturing people’s attention here and now, and it is therefore suitable for reminders, important notifications and alerts.

Forgotten appointments are a thing of the past

Set up an SMS service which sends out a reminder before an appointment. It can be a few days before, four hours before, or whatever makes sense for your organization. Implement it directly in your system or request to have it implemented in the system your organization uses. SMS reminders are particularly relevant for booking systems within the restaurant and service industry as well as within the public sector.

Ensure recipients see important messages

Strengthen the service you provide by using SMS to send important notifications. It can be used in cases where you would like the recipient to react to something here and now, or if you want the recipient to be aware of something that will happen soon, e.g. roadwork or planned downtime in the public utility. It can also be used to provide updates, e.g. that a package is on its way to be delivered.

Easy access to information via two-way SMS communication

You can offer end users an easy and quick way to get information, where users simply have to send an SMS with a specific keyword, after which they receive an SMS with the requested information. By making use of virtual numbers and keywords, you can set up two-way communication and choose the keywords that make sense for your organization. It can be used in connection with information on the account balance, remaining amount of data or as an add-on to a product.

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Use with caution

Powerful tool to capture the attention of the users

Unlike most other communication channels, SMS messages are able to capture the attention of the users here and now. That also means that there are a number of best practices that need to be followed in order to maximize the effectiveness of the SMS campaigns.

In addition, it is essential that users’ personal data is processed in accordance with regulations in your area.
It must also be clearly communicated how the user can unsubscribe from the SMS service, for example “Send STOP to 1234 to unsubscribe”.

It is important that:

The relevancy of the message is high

The sender/brand is clearly communicated

The frequency matches the needs of the target audience

You don’t broadcast the campaigns too early or too late. The rule of thumb is between 7am to 8pm.

Get inspired

Read about how different business types can benefit from an SMS service

Booking systems

If you offer a booking system, then you can benefit immensely from implementing SMS communication, since it gives your customers a powerful communication tool to communicate with the end users. In addition, it can provide you with an additional source of income.

Furthermore, SMS reminders can help reduce the number of forgotten appointments.

You also have the option of adding an extra source of income to your business, where you add a charge on top of the cost price of the SMS messages. Depending on what makes sense for your customers' business, e.g. one to five SMS messages can be sent per end customer, which will create a lucrative revenue stream.

Public services

SMS services can create added value for a wide variety of municipal, regional and state services.

Waste companies can send SMS reminders to citizens the day before waste is collected. In addition, SMS messages can be used to notify citizens in the event that collection is delayed.

Libraries can send an SMS notification when material is ready to be picked up, and an SMS reminder a few days before the material must be returned.

The health sector can use SMS reminders to ensure that citizens do not forget appointments and can thus avoid wasting time and money associated with no-shows.

Utility companies

Utility companies can use an SMS service to get the attention of the recipients when something out of the ordinary happens.

This could be, for example, in the event of a breakdown in the supply (e.g. electricity, water, district heating or gas), where an SMS notification can help inform citizens about the problem immediately and assure them that it will be taken care of. It can also be used to give recipients immediate notification if e.g. harmful bacteria have been found in the drinking water in specific areas.

SMS messages can also be used to inform citizens about planned downtimes in the supply, so that they have the opportunity to organize their day accordingly.

Public communication

The public sector makes extensive use of SMS services today. SMS technology can be implemented anywhere where it provides citizens with a better service, or where it can help to ensure that the citizen sees an important message.


  • In the case of major projects, residents can be warned and informed via SMS in relation to road work, projects nearby and more.
  • Via an SMS service, the public sector can ensure that citizens do not overlook important mail in their digital mailbox.
  • Blood donors receive an SMS when the blood they have donated is used, which can help motivate them to donate more blood.
  • SMS was used to a great extent at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, where all public employees in Denmark received an SMS message telling them to stay home the following day.

Private services

Many private companies have successfully set up an SMS service to send out important information. See a selection of the many examples below.


  • Virtually all companies that offer logistics and parcel services use SMS communication to notify that the package is on its way. The messages often also contain a link to a page where the recipient can track their package or specify delivery preferences.
  • Several pharmacies provide a free SMS service where users can receive an SMS to help remember them to take their medicine.
  • Many ice cream van companies offer an SMS service where subscribers receive an SMS notification 10-15 minutes before they come by.
  • Several airlines use SMS to send relevant information to customers, e.g. gate number, as well as information about delays.
  • At concerts and other major events, SMS communication is used to organize volunteers and ensure that they all receive important information.
  • Several banks offer an SMS service where the customer receives an SMS when documents are ready to be signed or when there is a new message from the bank adviser.
  • Realkreditkonsulenterne uses SMS to communicate with their customers in cases where the customer must react quickly, for example when the markets change, and it is beneficial for the customer to restructure their mortgage loan.
  • NEMADVOKAT uses SMS communication to send one-time codes and to inform their customers about new developments in their case.
  • The SaaS company Minuba has integrated an SMS service into their platform for tradesmen, which enables the tradesmen to keep their customers updated on when they will come by, as well as to give customers the option to write back if the time does not suit them.
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