Our pricing setup is simple and fair. By default, you only pay for the traffic you send. That means no subscriptions or hidden fees.

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Get first-rate SMS messages at highly competitive prices worldwide, whether you use Standard or Premium Class. We continuously optimise GatewayAPI, as well as our supplier agreements, in order to offer you the best possible product at the best possible price. When you choose GatewayAPI, you don’t compromise on price or quality.


Pay only for sent messages

Pay only for the traffic you send. There are, by default, no monthly subscriptions or fees (with the exception of countries that require a short code). You get unlimited chat support, high operational stability, hundreds of integrations, and complete GDPR-compliance included when you use GatewayAPI. 


What is the difference between Standard & Premium Class?

Choose either the Standard or Premium Class depending on your needs. Both classes offer SMS messages from top suppliers worldwide as well as minimal delivery times.

  • Recommended for marketing messages & non-critical information
  • High reliability
  • Lowest price possible from top-end providers
  • Minimal delivery times
  • Routes with a maximum of 2 hops, if possible
  • Recommended for one-time passwords, sensitive information & alerts
  • High reliability
  • Lowest price possible from top-end providers
  • Minimal delivery times
  • Direct routes with a maximum of 1 hop, if possible
  • Added in-transit encryption (DK & SE only)
  • Ability to anonymise data in GatewayAPI
  • Ability to have traffic prioritised
  • Optimal routing when interferences occur

SMS prices for more than 200 countries

Country Outbound Standard  Outbound Standard Outbound Premium  Outbound Standard
Country specific restrictions

See details and possible restrictions for over 200 countries

When managing SMS broadcasts in certain countries, such as the United States, Turkey, and China, you may find that teleoperators have one or several restrictions that must be complied with. An example of a restriction could be that it is required to have a virtual number in order to send SMS messages. See details on country-specific restrictions in 200+ countries in the module below.


Please note that the terms for SMS broadcasts in individual countries are constantly changing, and we therefore cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. However, we make every effort to ensure that all information on specific terms is up-to-date and accurate for all countries.

Add-on services

Enhance your GatewayAPI setup

Virtual numbers

Rent virtual numbers in countries of your choosing. A virtual number, also referred to as a dedicated number, can either be a four-digit short code, or a long code, with a full-length phone number. Virtual numbers can be used for donations, two-way messaging, and to send SMS messages in countries, such as the United States, where a virtual number is required.

Extended service plan

As a GatewayAPI customer, you can expect a high level of service. Should you require our assistance outside of regular business hours or need extended options for reporting delivery issues etc, an extended Service-Level Agreement (SLA) may be the right choice for your company. This ensures that you can get help 24/7 with mission critical requests.


Keywords can be used for two-way SMS communication so your target audience can donate, sign up, schedule appointments, opt-out, give feedback, and more. All by sending an SMS with a keyword to either a shared dedicated short code or your very own short code, which allows you to set up as many keywords you want.

E-marketing system

Need a system where you can manage content and target groups? Then you can use our e-marketing system, OCeM, for handling SMS and email broadcasts as well as automation of your communication. In OCeM, you can easily manage lists with target groups, build content, schedule broadcasts, view statistics, and much more.

Two-way messaging

Interact with your customers in new ways with two-way SMS communication. Use it to enable your target audiences to respond directly to SMS messages or use it for appointments, donations, competitions feedback, support, SMS to/from email conversations, and so forth. You decide!

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