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Send and Receive SMS messages via Our Slack SMS Integration

Use our Slack SMS integration and get a message:

  • When important messages are posted in Slack
  • When new users or workspaces are created.
  • When someone mentions you in a thread

With the use of virtual numbers and keywords you also have the ability to communicate directly in Slack with customers who send SMS messages to your organization.

5,000+ apps to choose from

Limited only by your imagination

By using the automation platforms Zapier or Make, you can, without any kind of experience with coding, set up exactly what you want in our Slack SMS gateway integration. You simply select the services you want and connect them in the ways that make sense to your business.

At GatewayAPI, we have chosen to cooperate with these two platforms, since they enable you to integrate with thousands of other services easily. In addition, they allow you to effortlessly set up automation, where different actions are completed automatically.

The platforms allow you to choose from 5,000+ services, including Shopify, Trello, Google sheets, Gmail, Google Calendar, Pipedrive, MailChimp, social media, etc., where you at each service also have the ability to choose from a list of triggers and actions. They can be described as a series of predefined functions where all the hard work is done in advance. With the many possibilities, only your imagination sets the limits of what you are capable of setting up!

How to get started

Step by step guide to setting up the integration

If you haven’t already done so, first create a GatewayAPI account. Afterwards, create a Zapier account or a Make account.

We recommend that you use Zapier if you have a single trigger and a simple flow, where Make is better suited for more complex automation flows, where different actions and flows are executed based on previous actions and results.

Once the accounts are created, you can set up your first integrations by following the steps in the guides below.

Set up via Zapier

  • Go to your Zapier account.
  • Go to “My Apps” in the left menu.
  • Search for “GatewayAPI”.
  • Click on “Connect”.
  • Insert your unique GatewayAPI key, which you can find on your GatewayAPI dashboard under ‘API keys’ and ‘Token’, to start using our app in Zapier.
  • Follow this guide to connect Slack to Zapier.
  • Try our SMS Zapier Slack template, where you can get Slack updates sent directly to you or employees via SMS.


Set up via Make

  • Go to your Make account.
  • Go to “scenarios” in the menu on the left.
  • Click on “create a new scenario”.
  • Search for GatewayAPI.
  • When you set up the app, you will be asked for your unique GatewayAPI key, which you can find on your GatewayAPI dashboard under ‘API keys’ and ‘Token’.
  • Follow this guide to connect Slack to Make.
  • Now you are ready to set up exactly the features and automatic actions you want.
  • Try our SMS Make Slack template, where you can get Slack updates sent directly to you or employees via SMS.
Suited for busy workers

Receive an SMS when you get important messages

By using the trigger “New Public Message Posted Anywhere”, you can get an SMS notification when important messages are sent to a specific Slack channel. The SMS will indicate who sent it as well as the content.

That way, you’ll never miss messages on your favorite Slack channels. It can also be a perfect tool for advising offline colleagues about new direct messages and updates in important channels, which can be especially useful when they are on the go. 

No subscriptions

Pay only for the SMS traffic you send

Our pricing model is simple. By default, you only pay for the SMS traffic you send. We have no hidden fees or subscriptions.

Go to our pricing section to see our SMS prices for over 200 countries, which are some of the most competitive you can find on the market. In addition, we offer an intuitive user interface, world-class support and a rock-solid uptime of over 99.99% on average.

When using Make, you can complete 1,000 actions/100 mb tasks per month for free. When using Zapier, the limit is five “Zaps” and 100 actions per month.