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Set Up Advanced SMS Integrations and Automations with Flowize

Use Flowize to enable your preferred systems to communicate with GatewayAPI while also having the ability to set up automation of cumbersome and time-consuming tasks.

Like Zapier and Make, Flowize is a so-called “no-code platform” that can be used to set up integrations and automations between many different services.

Once integrated with Flowize, you have access to set up integrations and automations with hundreds of other systems – among them GatewayAPI of course.

Brief guide

Getting Started with Flowize + GatewayAPI

Contact Flowize, who will then help you get started with the system you wish to integrate with GatewayAPI. Whether it is a system already available in Flowize, a new system or a custom built system.

You can then customize flows and data structures. The platform is highly flexible, and allows you to integrate all your current databases and systems as well as internal and external services.

Flowize differs from Zapier and Make by allowing complex setups, where you can work with raw data, among other things. In addition, Flowize gives you the ability to integrate with systems that have been developed for a specific purpose in a company, which is why Flowize is often a popular choice for especially large companies that have the resources to create custom built systems.

In addition, Flowize excels by being particularly specialized in optimizing communication processes.

Explore your possibilities

Examples of integration of GatewayAPI in various systems

See examples of how different companies have integrated GatewayAPI’s SMS services into their communication flows. All examples are taken from companies that use our services today to optimize their business.


Customer cases

  • Hotels that send automatic SMS messages to hotel guests prior to arrival. E.g. when the booking process is completed and 24 hours before the stay, where the hotel guest is offered the possibility to check in via SMS.
  • CRM systems where customer communication via SMS is an option. Can be used to send information, set up appointments or send reminders to the customer.
  • Monitoring system of mortgage loans, where the customer receives an SMS when it is advantageous for the customer to restructure his loan.
  • Vending machines that automatically send an SMS message when a vending machine is running out of an item.
  • SMS messages to the recipient with an update on a parcel delivery. This is widely used by parcel delivery companies all over the world.
  • Security systems and alarms, where the user receives an SMS message when an alarm goes off. It can range from home security systems to alarms on servers and other critical equipment, where it is crucial to be notified immediately in the event of a breakdown.
  • Digital contract management services, where an SMS notification is sent to the user when a contract is ready to be signed.
  • CRM system for car dealers, car repair shops and car rental companies, where the user receives an SMS with a link to an agreement for a test drive or a car rental. It can also just be a simple notification that a car is ready to be picked up at a car repair shop.
  • Ability for doctors or nurses to easily and quickly start a video chat with a patient by simply sending an SMS message to the patient with a link. This is extremely effective and user-friendly compared to, for example, an app solution that requires the patient to first download the app and then learn how to use it.
No subscriptions

Pay only for the SMS traffic you send

Our pricing model is simple where you only pay for the SMS traffic you send. By default, we therefore have no setup fees or subscriptions.

Go to our pricing section to see our SMS prices for over 200 countries, which are some of the most competitive you can find on the market. In addition, we offer an intuitive user interface, world-class support and a rock-solid uptime of over 99.99% on average.

Do you have a suggestion for an integration?

If your preferred system is not on our list of integrations, then you are welcome to contact support to suggest an integration.