We offer SMPP connection for select customers. Contact to get access. We use SMPP version 3.4, which should be backwards compatible with version 3.3.


Use the following to connect. We recommend to connect to two hosts. When we do maintainence, only one host is restarted at a time. By keeping a connection to two hosts, constant connectivity can be achieved.

You can connect as a transceiver/receiver more than once. Delivery reports will be distributed evenly among your binds, each report only through one bind.

We regurlarily deploy improvements to the SMPP software, so you may experience a session being disconnected, but you can reconnect immediately. As long as your client can reconnect automatically, no downtime or sevice disruption will occur.

Port 2775
Port TLS 8775
Bind type Transceiver or transmitter and receiver.
Enquire link Every 30 seconds
Reconnect delay 30 seconds
System type Not required

Supported SMPP commands

The following commands are supported

Command Hex
generic_nack 0x80000000
bind_receiver 0x00000001
bind_receiver_resp 0x80000001
bind_transmitter 0x00000002
bind_transmitter_resp 0x80000002
submit_sm 0x00000004
submit_sm_resp 0x80000004
deliver_sm 0x00000005
deliver_sm_resp 0x80000005
unbind 0x00000006
unbind_resp 0x80000006
bind_transceiver 0x00000009
bind_transceiver_resp 0x80000009
enquire_link 0x00000015
enquire_link_resp 0x80000015

We currently do not support Schedule Delivery Time on submit_sm.

Only TON values of 0 and 1 are supported for destination address. 0 will be interpreted as 1.

Delivery reports

Connect with at least one transceiver or receiver to receive delivery reports. A maximum of 25.000 unacknowledged reports will be kept for 48 hours.

The order of the delivery reports are not guaranteed, so in some cases, you may get an ENROUTE before a DELIVRD.

The delivery report format is as in the following examples:

id:1390125333 sub:001 dlvrd:000 submit date:2011181054 done date:2011181054 stat:DELIVRD err:000 text:user_message_reference
id:1390125333 sub:001 dlvrd:000 submit date:2011181145 done date:2011181145 stat:UNDELIV err:019 text:user_message_reference

The fields sub and dlvrd can be ignored.

The text is the first 20 characters of the user_message_reference TLV if submitted with submit_sm. The full reference is added in the TLV as well.

The err field is a base 10 representation of our error codes listed in SMS Errors. Since we only have three digits available we take a SMS error code like 0x107E, keep the 07E and format in base 10 to 126. If you need to convert back, simply add 0x1000 to the SMPP error code, and format as hex.

The stat field is the following status types:


Coding schemes

Following DCS values are supported

DCS Encoding
0 IA5 / GSM7
3 Latin1 / ISO-8859-1
4 Binary
8 UCS2
24 UCS2 (flash)
240 GSM7 (flash)

TLV fields

We support the following common TLV fields for submit_sm as well as one our own custom for use with message classes.

Tag Name Size Description
0x0005 dest_addr_subunit 1 byte For “flash” sms
0x0204 user_message_reference 2 bytes User assigned reference for delivery reports
0x0424 message_payload 1 byte For sending messages longer than 255 octets
0x2900 message_class octetstring To send with a specific GatewayAPI messageclass