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Error code index

We do our best to keep this list updated, but you may encounter errors not listed here. If you get an error, it will always be accompanied with an error description which you can find the description of in this list.

All GatewayAPI error codes follow the same pattern. They are a 32-bit unsigned integer, often represented in hex format as four hex chars, ie. 0x104A. The first two hex chars (first byte) represent the origin of the error. The following list of error codes are divided into sections depending on the origin.

General error codes

Regardless of the error origin, all error codes that end in 00-0F, have the same meaning. These do not map to a specific error but may be caused by different issues depending on the context. Thus these are left undocumented since the exact cause varies.

Code Description
00 Success (no error)
01 Unknown error
02 Generic NACK
03 Operation not permitted
04 Input/output error
05 Shutting down
06 Insufficient Resources
07 Permission denied
08 Invalid Argument
09 Resource temporarily unavailable (EAGAIN)

This means that if you get an 0x1001, it is an “Unknown error” from the SMS Errors. If you get an 0x0308 it is an “Invalid Argument” from API Errors etc.

API Errors

These cover codes 0x0100-0x07FF. You might encounter these when communicating with one of our APIs i.e. REST API.

Code HTTP Status Code Description
0x0210 401 Invalid username: %1
0x0210 401 Invalid username: %1
0x0211 401 Invalid password
0x0212 401 Invalid IP-address: %1
0x0213 403 Unauthorized IP-address: %1
0x0214 403 Temporary blacklist for MSISDN %1 with hash %2
0x0215 403 MSISDN %1 blacklisted
0x0216 403 Insufficient credit
0x0217 403 Unauthorized destination: country %1
0x0218 422 Unknown message class id %1
0x0219 403 E-mail not enabled for account
0x021A 403 HLR not enabled for account
0x021B 403 Phonebook not enabled for account
0x021C 403 MMS not enabled for account
0x021D 403 SMS not enabled for account
0x021E 500 Message class %1 is not configured for %2
0x021F 403 Unauthorized operator: MCC %1, MNC %2
0x0220 400 Unsupported parameter %1
0x0221 400 Unsupported signature method %1
0x0222 400 Missing required parameter %1
0x0223 401 Invalid Consumer Key
0x0224 401 Invalid signature
0x0225 401 Expired timestamp
0x0226 401 Invalid / used nonce
0x0229 401 Invalid token
0x022A 403 Account frozen, contact support
0x0310 422 A message contains the same recipient more than once. MSISDNs %1 is duplicated
0x0312 422 Messages filtered based on content
0x0313 422 A message recipient belongs to a blocked country

SMS Errors

The following table is an exhaustive list of error codes that might be returned to you in a Delivery Status Notification. We do our best to keep track of all these, but some may be missing. Not all error codes are relevant or expected to occur in normal operations. This section covers codes 0x0100-0x01FF.

These supplement the states to provide additional insight on failures.

Group Code Description
HLR 0x1001 Unspecified delivery error
HLR 0x1010 Unknown subscriber
HLR 0x1011 Call barred
HLR 0x1012 Teleservice not provisioned
HLR 0x1013 Absent subscriber
HLR 0x1014 Facility not supported
HLR 0x1015 HLR System failure
HLR 0x1016 Unexpected data value
HLR 0x1017 HLR Data missing
HLR 0x1018 Memory capacity exceeded
HLR 0x1019 Mobile subscriber not reachable
HLR 0x101A VLR System failure
HLR 0x101B HLR Internal Error
MSC 0x1020 Unidentified subscriber
MSC 0x1021 Absent subscriber, IMSI detached
MSC 0x1022 Absent subscriber, no page response
MSC 0x1023 Subscriber busy for MT SMS
MSC 0x1024 Facility not supported
MSC 0x1025 Illegal subscriber
MSC 0x1026 Illegal equipment
MSC 0x1027 System failure
MSC 0x1028 Unexpected data value
MSC 0x1029 Data missing
MSC 0x102A Memory capacity exceeded
MSC 0x102B Equipment protocol error
MSC 0x102C Equipment not short message equipped
MSC 0x102D Illegal error
MSC 0x102E MSC Internal Error
SCREEN 0x1030 Screening block
SCREEN 0x1031 Terminating IMSI blocked
SCREEN 0x1032 Originating location mismatch
SCREEN 0x1033 Error, originator blocked
SCREEN 0x1034 Error, destination blocked
SCREEN 0x1035 Error, keyword blocked
SCREEN 0x1036 Error, SC address blocked
SCREEN 0x1037 Error, blocked due to exceeded quota
SCREEN 0x1038 Error, loop detected
SCREEN 0x1039 Error, data coding scheme blocked
SCREEN 0x103A Error, information element identifier blocked
SCREEN 0x103B Error, personal service barring, MO
SCREEN 0x103C Error, personal service barring, MT
SMSC 0x1040 Unidentified Subscriber
SMSC 0x1041 Facility not supported
SMSC 0x1042 System failure
SMSC 0x1043 Unexpected data value
SMSC 0x1044 Data missing
SMSC 0x1045 Equipment protocol error
SMSC 0x1046 Unknown service centre address
SMSC 0x1047 Service centre congestion
SMSC 0x1048 Invalid short message entity address
SMSC 0x1049 Subscriber not service centre subscriber
SMSC 0x104A SMSC Internal Error
ROUTE 0x1050 Internal routing error
ROUTE 0x1051 Unsupported number plan
ROUTE 0x1052 Unsupported type of number
ROUTE 0x1053 Message not delivered
ROUTE 0x1054 Dialling zone not found
ROUTE 0x1055 Not home zone and IMSI not allowed
ROUTE 0x1056 Not home zone and IMSI fetch failed
ROUTE 0x1057 Destination network type unknown
ESME 0x1060 Invalid destination address
ESME 0x1061 Invalid destination numbering plan
ESME 0x1062 Invalid destination type of number
ESME 0x1063 Invalid destination flag
ESME 0x1064 Invalid number of destinations
ESME 0x1065 Invalid source address
ESME 0x1066 Invalid source numbering plan
ESME 0x1067 Invalid source type of number
ESME 0x1068 ESME Receiver permanent error
ESME 0x1069 ESME Receiver reject error
ESME 0x106A ESME Receiver temporary error
ESME 0x106B Invalid command length
ESME 0x106C Invalid service type
ESME 0x106D Invalid operation
ESME 0x106E Operation not allowed
ESME 0x106F Invalid parameter
ESME 0x1070 Parameter not allowed
ESME 0x1071 Invalid parameter length
ESME 0x1072 Invalid optional parameter
ESME 0x1073 Optional parameter missing
ESME 0x1074 Invalid validity parameter
ESME 0x1075 Invalid scheduled delivery parameter
ESME 0x1076 Invalid distribution list
ESME 0x1077 Invalid message class
ESME 0x1078 Invalid message length
ESME 0x1079 Invalid message reference
ESME 0x107A Invalid number of messages
ESME 0x107B Invalid predefined message
ESME 0x107C Invalid priority
ESME 0x107D Invalid replace flag
ESME 0x107E Request failed
ESME 0x107F Invalid delivery report request
ESME 0x1080 Message queue full
ESME 0x1081 External error
ESME 0x1082 Cannot find information
ESME 0x1081 IMSI lookup blocked
ESME 0x1082 ESME error
ESME 0x1082 ESME Internal error
ESME 0x1083 ESME Unknown external error
ESME 0x1084 Invalid Mobile Subscriber
ESME 0x1085 Short message exceeds maximum
ESME 0x1086 Unable to Unpack GSM message
ESME 0x1087 Unable to convert IRA Alphabet
SP 0x1090 Internal error
SP 0x1091 Network time-out
SP 0x1092 Operation barred - insufficient funds
SP 0x1093 Illegal mobile subscriber - blocked
SP 0x1094 Refunded by network operator
GWAPI 0x1902 Messageclass not configured
GWAPI 0x1903 Link not whitelisted
GWAPI 0x1904 Message filtered by content
GWAPI 0x1905 Unsupported sender
GWAPI 0x1906 Destination blocked - Pre-approval required
GWAPI 0x1907 Unreachable pattern detected