Integromat describes itself as ”the glue of the internet”, and is a platform that enables everyone to set up automation of workflows quick and easy. With no coding experience whatsoever, it is possible to set up almost everything that the heart desires between several hundreds of apps, services and devices. In this blogpost you will of course be presented on how to set up SMS automation easily by combining Integromat with GatewayAPI.

Do you wish to enable easy purchasing via SMS at your Shopify setup? Want to receive an SMS everytime that something specific occurs or do you wish to manage SMS broadcasts via Excel? Integromat can make it possible.

Fast growing platform

Integromat is one of the fastest growing automation platforms on the market, which makes good sense considering that they offer an extremely easy to use platform that are free to use as long as you run less than 1,000 operations a month. Additionally Integromat offers high stability (99.99% uptime) and high security.

With the several hundreds of apps and services that are added to Integromat so far, such as Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, CRM-systems, billing-systems, spreadsheet software, email-clients etc., it is possible for many to limit administration to the solutions they are familiar with. If you e.g. prefer to use Excel, you can easily manage SMS broadcasts from Excel now via Integromat. If you can’t find the system or platform you use at Integromat, there is a strong possibility it will be added along the way. You can also add them yourself by using Integromat’s pre-built generic modules that can connect to any type of API by using HTTP, JSON, SOAP or XML.

Get started with SMS automation

Find the GatewayAPI app at Integromat here and get started building your own customised SMS automation.

To set it up, you need a GatewayAPI account as well as an account at Integromat. When both things are in place, go to your Integromat account, go to scenarios at the left side menu, click “create a new scenario” and search for GatewayAPI to set up the automation. You can also opt for the predefined templates that we have created.


When setting up the app, you will be prompted for your unique GatewayAPI key, which you can find at your GatewayAPI dashboard under ‘API Keys’ and ‘Token’.

Currently you are able to set up SMS broadcasts but along the way, we will open up for the possibility to add the following actions, triggers and webhooks:

  • Send a secured SMS message
  • Send a secret SMS message
  • Send multiple SMS messages
  • Send an overcharged SMS message
  • Get an SMS message
  • Create a scheduled SMS
  • Delete a scheduled SMS
  • Watch SMS messages (webhook)
  • Receive SMS messages (webhook with mobile short code)

The beautiful thing about Integromat is that it also allows developers to customise the automation further if needed. So, Integromat both works really well for those who are familiar with coding and those who aren’t.

Completely GDPR-proof


You are completely covered in regard to GDPR when you use Integromat. One of the reasons we chose Integromat, is that privacy is hardcoded into the platform. Every information that goes through Integromat is encrypted and that you are able to specify that Integromat shall not log any data. You can get more information on their Privacy Policy here.

Global SMS Gateway


GatewayAPI has some of the lowest prices in the majority of the world combined with an intuitive interface, world class support and rock-solid uptimes on 99.99 % in average. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a free account in less than two minutes here: Go to GatewayAPI or contact

If you have a concept or business that could benefit from employing SMS communication instead of emails or other forms of communications, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will then help you get started.