Making the complicated easy with SMS

Blogpost on how this year’s Roskilde Festival* used a SMS solution to enhance the festival-goers’ experience with the Roskilde Festival debit card.

This year Roskilde Festival decided to be cashless. To make sure that everyone were still able to pay for their beer etc., Roskilde Festival introduced a special Roskilde Festival debit card that could be used in different booths throughout the festival. Many other festivals have recently done the same.


Photographer: Kim Adrian

A couple of weeks before the festival took place, we were contacted by Roskilde Festival IT department who wanted to know whether it would be possible to quickly set up a sms solution with a number of features that could go along with the debit card.

A week or so later our team had developed a SMS solution, that made it easy for the festival-goers to quickly connect the debit card to their phone, get a balance status, block the card if it was lost and lastly either donate or return the money that was left on the card when the festival was over. All by sending a SMS.

festival in the sun

Photographer: Thomas Kjær

According to IT Manager at Roskilde Festival, Steen Bechmann Henningsen, the sms solutions added value to the festival-goers’ experience with the debit card:

-This solution made it considerably easier for our guests to use the debit cards. Especially the ability to easily donate or return the money that was left on the card was a success.

  • RF REGISTER til 1204
  • RF STATUS til 1204
  • RF STOP til 1204
  • RF RETURN til 1204
  • RF DONATION til 1204

Quick setup

According to Steen Bechmann Henningsen, it seemed like a big task in the beginning to get the sms solution up and running in just a few days time with many players involved. But the task was completed quickly:

-I have rarely been part of a project with so many players and such a short deadline where everything just fell into place. Huge praise to the team behind for having solved the tasks so professionally, says Steen Bechmann Henningsen.

This definitely shows the agility of SMS solutions. Not only are SMS solutions easy to set up, but it is also easy to use for for the end-users in this case compared to competing solutions, such as an app.

*Roskilde Festival is a Danish music festival held annually. It is one of the largest in Europe with over 100.000 festival-goers each year.