GatewayAPI and KMD: A collaboration on COVID-19 test results via SMS

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GatewayAPI and KMD: A collaboration on COVID-19 test results via SMS

In a time when Denmark, like the rest of the world, faced major challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication played a major role. 

SMS communication in particular proved to be of great importance and was used for a variety of purposes such as notifying close contacts and to provide accurate information about the virus and dispel myths in areas without internet connection. In addition, SMS technology played an important role in relation to corona virus testing, where the Danish IT company KMD chose GatewayAPI as supplier to facilitate fast and efficient communication about COVID-19 test results in Denmark via SMS.

Let’s take a closer look at how the solution worked and the value it provided to the Danish citizens.

Easy and reliable communication regarding test results

As society gradually reopened, access to previously closed areas became possible again, including restaurants, air travel, sporting events, zoos, theaters, cinemas, hair salons and gyms. However, access was conditional on a recent negative coronavirus test. Citizens who needed a test quickly could book an appointment online at a nearby rapid testing center, where they would typically receive an answer within half an hour. 

Upon arrival at the test site, citizens had to scan their health card and provide their mobile phone number. On the first visit, they received a confirmation SMS to ensure the phone number was correct. After the test, they received an SMS with a link to where the test result would be available, accompanied by a notification that the result would be available within 15-30 minutes.

In case of a negative result, the link in the SMS message to the test result could be used as proof until the final result was available in the corona passport app.

In the event of a positive test, the citizens were contacted via the provided phone number with guidance on next steps, including tracing close contacts.

The communication with citizens, which was simply based on a mobile number, could be handled seamlessly via this method. And since 94% of Danish homes have a mobile phone, it was also a solution that most Danes could benefit from.

From inquiry to finished solution in days

GatewayAPI’s role in working with KMD was to ensure that these important messages were delivered quickly and securely. At its peak, over 250,000 SMS messages were sent daily, requiring both a robust infrastructure and global reach, both of which GatewayAPI was able to provide.

A special detail of this project was also how quickly it was implemented. From the first inquiry to the system going live took just a few days. This is proof of how easily and quickly our SMS API can be integrated – a key factor in the development of solutions during critical situations.

Our global coverage also was important in this project, as some of the SMS messages had to be delivered to foreign phone numbers, especially at the quick test center at CPH Airport. Everyone, no matter where in the world they came from, could receive an SMS message with a link to their test result.

The power of digital communication

The collaboration between GatewayAPI and KMD was a step forward in Denmark’s efforts to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic. This project shows the power of digital communication, especially SMS, as a tool for delivering crucial information quickly and reliably, as exemplified by companies like Blue Idea, who use SMS to disseminate critical information. 

We look forward to applying this experience to future projects and continuing to offer reliable digital communication services to our partners and customers.


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