How does OCiD and two-factor authentication (2FA) work?

Read more about OCiD and your options in...

Read more about OCiD and your options in regard to two-factor authentication on the OCiD sign up and login flow.

What is OCiD?

ONLINECITY ID (OCiD) is your master key ...

ONLINECITY ID (OCiD) is your master key to the products offered by ONLINECITY.IO – the company behind GatewayAPI. We have created a single authentication system that makes it possible to authenticate once, after which you get access to all our platforms.

I already have an account on GatewayAPI - how do I get in?

Just log in as usual. If it is the first...

Just log in as usual. If it is the first time you login using OnlineCity ID, you will be taken through a few self explanatory steps. When completed, you will be logged in as usual and all your details and accounts are exactly where you left them.

What is 2FA and why is it necessary?

Two-factor authentication secures your a...

Two-factor authentication secures your account against hacker attacks and other abuses by requiring login to be authenticated via a code sent to your email or phone number.

Occasionally, or if you switch to a new device, upgrade your browser or move to a new location, you will receive an email or SMS with a one-time code. This ensures that even if your password is leaked, there is still an additional measure to be taken by the hackers. This only applies to email and SMS based logins.

We have an obligation to protect the data we store, especially sensitive personal information, and have decided that it is suitable to make 2FA a requirement.

Which authentication method should I choose when signing up?

You can authenticate by e-mail, SMS, Fac...

You can authenticate by e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Google (Gmail). Note, that there is a difference though between e-mail/SMS and Facebook/Google, which handles 2FA differently.

As both Facebook and Google goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of your credentials, choosing one of those mechanisms, makes logins even faster, when you login from a machine, on which you are already logged in to Facebook or Google.

Thus you can skip the periodical two-factor check by choosing this mechanism.

How do I change the email/phone number used for 2FA?

This feature is under construction. Righ...

This feature is under construction. Right now, the easiest way to do it is by inviting yourself to your GatewayAPI account with the new email address/mobile number. Learn more about how to do it here.

You can then choose to delete your old user.

What options do I have if I no longer have access to the email/mobile number I used to create my account with?

Contact support, after which they will s...

Contact support, after which they will start verifying your identity and your affiliation with the account. Once the verification process is complete, they will be able to invite you to the account on your new email/mobile number.

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